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A passion turned into a business

Baking with my mum as a child is how I began my journey. I loved baking all kinds of things from rock buns to fairy cakes and epic pizza’s! Home economics class was a favorite of mine at school, although I preferred the cooking part more than the sewing part!! (That’s what glue guns are for!).

After graduating high school I went to Henley College to study Hotel and Catering Management with my dream of some day owning my own Bed and Breakfast, serving up delicious home baked breakfasts to each guest!

I spent four years in college, studying and cooking, working in hotels in England and Germany. After graduating I worked as a catering manager for a few years, then life took me in a different direction that led me to America.

Following the arrival of my son, and subsequent change in jobs, baking became part of my life once again. Almost eight years later I’m still baking, still learning new techniques and recipes and honing my skills.

2020 certainly has been a difficult year but there have been some silver linings to find too. Quarantine brought baking to the forefront and reignited my passion. I’ve connected with so many people in my community through my baking during the pandemic and bringing joy in a time of sadness makes me happy.

I’m planning new and exciting things for 2021, and I’m inviting you to follow along!

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